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Client Testimonials1

We are very much focussed on our productions and just need a friendly help & support for our organisation's website. We are very much happy about the way of approach & timely help offered by Inway Hosting. Goodluck!

- Mani Ratnam & Suhasini
Founders of Naam Foundation

Client Testimonials2

I feel Inway is one of the most reliable and helpful web hosting in India. Good support!

- Barathy

Client Testimonials3

Everything was above and beyond what I expected. I use Inway Web Hosting services for my websites. I will refer everyone I know. As part of my ongoing career to find the absolute best tools for online business, Inway will be my host ever .

- Sathish

Client Testimonials4

Being a Web Master, I need some extraordinary service. I am really amazed the way they treated my requests. Inway Hosting Web Hosting has really helped my website.

- Sekar

Client Testimonials5

My website is hosted by Inway. I was amazed of their cooperation and involvement in my business development through my website. More than service they are really consultants of my website. Thanks for everything.

- Gopal

Client Testimonials6

Great rescue mission when my business was stucked on not renewing my website by the previous web design company. Inway has helped to rescue my Domains, Emails, files safely and hosted on their system. I could run my business now hassle free as I am with a trustable provider. Thanks to Inway team.

- AK
Fmaxx Systems-

Client Testimonials7

All I could say Inway's services in one word - "Awesome".

- Amal
Web Master -

Client Testimonials8

When I was in my world of Windows, Inway provided my Wordpress hosting solutions on a linux platform. Pleased with your services. Thank you!

- Amar
Blogger -

Client Testimonials9

You guys do wonderful job. My website is made live at no time. Thats timely help.

- Anjali
Entrepreneur & Social Activist

Client Testimonials10

Nice team work and co-ordination on hosting my website. Its almost 3 years with Inway. Never found any downtime on my website. Also my website has helped a lot on new buisness. Congrats!

- Aashiq Abbas
Owner -

Client Testimonials11

The domain suggestion given by you has turned my business. I never knew this could help my business at a long run. Also thanks for helping my on acquring my domains. Inway rocks!

- Balamurugan
New Techno Trends -

Client Testimonials12

Thanks for helping me on my business. My website is now a standard portfolio to give to my clients. Looking forward a long term relationship with Inway.

- Bupesh

Client Testimonials13

My passion has turned to a Website is only because of Inway Hosting. All the best for your services.

- Diwa
GreatDane Dogs

Client Testimonials14

When I want a Web Presence for my company, I was refered to Inway. All I gave is my company name, rest is the history. Five star service, thanks to Inway Hosting.

- Anand
Entrepreneur -

Client Testimonials15

Your support towards our business has transformed our companies online presence. I cannot remember how 5 years went at the speed of light. I recommend Inway Hosting whereever I go, I feel this way I could return what I got from Inway Hosting.

- Jaffer
CEO - AZ Solutions

Client Testimonials16

I called Inway Hosting for my new website as I am not very much satisified with my existing provider. It was an urgent requirement, I gave my company name, basic services and started travelling. Got an email that my website is online :) What else I could say about your services. Your services are extremely mind blowing.

- Jai Ganesh
Certified Trainer/Speaker/Entrepreneur -

Client Testimonials17

All I wanted a reliable hosting partner for hosting my 100 websites. I have tried almost many leading hosting providers. The one company which satisified my need is Inway.

- Gopal
GK Mediasoft

Client Testimonials18

You are doing a great job!

- Kamal

Client Testimonials19

Website has become so important for my business. I feel could never operate without a website. My dream website is online with my own vision and idea. Thanks for wonderful cooperation on getting my business website online.

- JK

Client Testimonials20

The relationship with your company just cant expressed in words. Inway Hosting has helped my business venture and took into next heights. Your company will become No.1 in India and You guys deserve it!

- John
Speaker/Business Consultant/Entrepreneur

Client Testimonials21

Although it was all online connection, I fell in love with your company. Thanks for making my website online.

- Kumaran
Physical Trainer -

Client Testimonials22

Before Inway, I was receiving too many calls from my customers on their website issues. After signing up with Inway, I am completely peacful and could concentrate my film making. Great Support from your team.

- Mohan
Ad Film Maker

Client Testimonials23

It is very crtitical on carrying out our campaigns with the online presence and every messages/emails needs to be delivered on high priority. We are very happy that we found Inway - a reliable partner for our online presence and marketing.

- Murali
PRO- Gem Hospitals

Client Testimonials24

My relationship with Inway Hosting is unforgettable. I remember signingup with a starter package for my first company. Its almost 4 years, I have built 3 companies with the support of Inway. My life long host is Inway!

- Gopal
CEO - Airconnect Internet Solutions

Client Testimonials25

When I needed a website, my friends recommended Inway through an organisation. The services Inway provides is extremely awesome. Thank you.

- Preetham
Journalist / Entrepreneur - Signature Gifts

Client Testimonials26

My Website has been safely migrated to Inway with their support. Your services are good!

- RG Raja
CEO - RGR Entreprises

Client Testimonials27

Timely help, wonderful support, no-downtime servers. All are the good things I could remember when I here the word Inway.

- Sathish
SGS Mediasoft

Client Testimonials28

Inway Hosting = Wonderful Hosting! Anything more needed?

- Selvaraj
Ui/Ux Designer

Client Testimonials29

Being in video production industry, transfer of my video files are critical. I find Inway Hosting so reliable and hassle free.

- Shahul
Ultimate Video Productions

Client Testimonials30

Our website is the heart of our business. All I could say about Inway is "Trusted Company".

- Sree Vidya
Partner - Bamboo Events

Client Testimonials31

My website is automatic revenue machine. This is all only possible because of the ongoing support and assistance of InwayHosting. Thank you very much for supporting me.

- Shiva
Entrepreneur -

Client Testimonials32

The only company that I could trust for website is Inway

- Shiva

Client Testimonials33

Dear Inway Hosting, Thanks for saving my website name from expiry. It could be a big loss for me if the website name has expired as I have spent almost providing the website URL on prints and media. Very much apprecaited help!

- Thasrudin
Propreitor- Power Line Controls

Client Testimonials34

I have a great respect towards Inway Hosting. Wonderful support!

- Vairavan
Web Master

Client Testimonials35

Being language trainers, we found it hard on transferring our materials to web. Inway Hosting has helped us a with great ideas to improve our business online. Thanks for the services.

- Rajendran & Vijayalakshmi R
Trainers/Speakers - Pranavam English Academy

Client Testimonials36

Website is a very much essential tool on improving my business. Inway Hosting has helped us on recovering a good website name for our company. Inway offers a wonderful help and service!

- Srinivasan
Entrepreneur -

Client Testimonials37

I have expanded my business to online in a small level with Inway Hosting. More than Hosting they gave be consutlancy for my website. I never knew that the response will be so immense. Now I am planning to expand in a bigger level, defenitely Inway will be my service provider ever!

- Gopal
Jeep Clinic

Client Testimonials38

Friendly and courteous people are always a pleasure doing business with. Inway - the Indian Web Hosting is the most valuable business resource we have EVER experienced. I highly endorse Inway!

- Ragu
Devops Manager

Client Testimonials39

My dream of website creation is made true only with InwayHosting. I have started with a simple webhosting plan and now with website builder I am able to build my own website. Thanks for everything.


Client Testimonials40

I signed up with Inway Hosting for my website improvement in Google. More than Hosting, Inway is simply superb. They helped with many tips and improved the visiblity of my website in Search engines. I get many enquiries, calls and I always love to visit my website often.

- Bigotto Gianni

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